Marathon on the Rocks

12 Sept 2020

Partners & Sponsors

We'd like to say thank you to all the official sponsors, partners and suppliers of Marathon on the Rocks.

Interested in sponsor and partnership opportunities?

Our team can help develop a customized program designed to meet your objectives. Opportunities are available for Marathon on the Rocks, as well as in connection with our multi-event Albatros Adventure Marathons series.

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Albatros Adventure Marathons

From the barren desert landscape of Jordan to the African savannah, from the epic Great Wall of China to the temples of Bagan, we offer races with remarkable courses that will challenge even the most experienced runner.



Craft Sportswear is the Official Merchandise Supplier for all events in the Albatros Adventure Marathons series.

Kaiser Sport & Ortopædi

Kaiser Sport & Ortopædi was established in 1999, it is a concept store that combines a physiotherapy clinic with a specialty store for running shoes, walking shoes, indoor sports shoes and sportswear.


Hotel Skovly

Hotel Skovly is located on a 20,000 square meter natural plot, surrounded by protected forest, 125 meters from one of the Baltic Sea’s finest sandy beaches. The finish line will be located right outside the hotel.

Viking Atletik

Viking Athletics is a club located in Rønne on Bornholm, it is one of the biggest clubs in Denmark with over 1800 members.

Event Supporters


Medaltime combines over 25 years of experience, with a creative studio that will proudly design a unique custom made medal for you to award with pride.

Marathon Photos

Marathon Photos is the world's leading mass participation event sports photography company operating in 35 countries.