Marathon on the Rocks

25 June 2022

Svaneke, Gudhjem & Østerlars

A roundtrip to 3 of the most visited towns on Bornholm - Svaneke, Gudhjem and Østerlars.
A day trip with Harbors, Round Churches and Smoke Houses.
24 Jun | 6 hours | 60 EUR

Today you will get the chance to discover some of the most noteworthy places on the island, including a smoke house and the harbour in Gudhjem and Svaneke and the infamous round church of Østerlars.

Gudhjem is one of the most popular summer spots on the island. A typical dish from Bornholm, called “Sol over Gudhjem,” is originally from this town. As any proper Danish dish, it of course has herring in it.  This charming village lined with colourful homes along the Baltic Sea, is definitely worth the visit. 

Next, we will move onto Svaneke is a small fishing village on the eastern coast of Bornholm. It is filled with small, half-timbered houses and winding lanes leading to the harbour. You will have time to buy lunch at a local smoke house or take a beer at Svaneke Bryghus (a well-known local microbrewery). Keep in mind that Bornholm has a flourishing culinary scene so we highly recommend you enjoy the local specialties.

Our final stop is the Østerlars round church, the largest of all four round churches on the island. It was built sometime in the early 12th century, and considering it's age, the church has been very well preserved. The church was used both as a place of worship and for protection against invaders. 

During the whole tour, we will have a guide who will show us the highlights at each stop and talk about the island's history. You are more than welcome to follow the guide, or simply walk on your own and discover the towns for yourself. 

We should be back at the hotel by the early evening, just in time to relax a bit before dinner-time. 

  • About the Tour

    Duration: 6 hours

    Time: 10:00


    - Bus to/from Gudhjem and Østerlars
    - Local guide