Marathon on the Rocks

11 Sept 2021

6-Day Package

Take a couple days to explore Copenhagen and then move on to Bornholm.
7-12 Sep
6 days
725 EUR

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If you haven't had the chance to visit the Danish capital yet, we highly recomment this 6-day package where you will be able to see the highlights in and around Copenhagen, as well as enjoy a few days at the marathon destination. 

Marathon on the Rocks takes place on the Danish island of Bornholm. Runners will enjoy a true trail run overlooking the Baltic Sea along the edge of dramatic coastal cliffs. 



The itinerary is detailed below. This is what you'll be doing during your stay!

7 Sept 2021Arrival in Copenhagen: Optional Running Tour

Today, you will arrive in charming Copenhagen and get a couple of days to explore the capital before going to Bornholm.

This afternoon, we offer participants the opportunity to book a running sightseeing tour through the beautiful city of Copenhagen. Our local running guide will take us on an 8km tour through the historical streets, and we'll stop at the most famous and interesting sights. Please see Package Add-ons for more details. 

In the evening, you are free to enjoy the city as you please. 

8 Sept 2021Optional excursion to Kronborg & Frederiksborg Castle

This morning, after breakfast at your hotel, you will get the option to visit some of Denmark's most prominent castles, Kronborg and Frederiksborg. The bus will depart at 9:30. If you prefer to just stroll around the cosy streets of Copenhagen, then you are also welcome to do that.

Kronborg Castle has been around since the 1420s and is one of the finest Renaissance castles in Northern Europe. Kronborg was immortalized by Shakespeare’s play Hamlet and is often referred to as Hamlet’s Castle. The castle’s strategic position at the entrance to Øresund meant the king was able to keep track of all ships passing into the Baltic Sea and collect taxes. 

Frederiksborg Castle was built in the early 17th century by King Christian IV, it is the largest Rennaisance castle in Scandinavia. It sits on three islets in the Castle Lake in Hillerød, surrounded by a lake and elegant gardens. After a big fire broke out in 1859, the castle was rebuilt by J.C. Jacobsen, founder of Carslberg. Since 1878, the castle has housed the Museum of National History. 

After our busy day visiting some of Denmark's landmarks, we will head back into the city in time for dinner, you will be able to enjoy the rest of the evening at your leisure.

Meals: Breakfast

9 Sept 2021Welcome to Bornholm - optional excursion to Hammershus & Sanctuary Cliffs

Today you will have your bags ready for your next and final destination, Bornholm. You will be able to enjoy breakfast at your hotel before taking the morning bus to Bornholm, it should take approximately 3 hours to get there.

When we arrive to Bornholm, you will have the opportunity to join an optional excursion to Hammershus and Helligdomeklipperne. Hammerhus is the largest medieval castle ruins in Northern Europe. Helligdomsklipperne, also known as Sanctuary Cliffs, is a group of coastal rocks up to 22 metres high. 

We will be back at the hotel in time for dinner (if you are staying at Skovly or Griffen).

Meals: Breakfast & dinner (for those staying at Skovly or Griffen)

10 Sept 2021Explore Bornholm - excursion option

Today you will have the entire day to explore the island. You will be able to enjoy breakfast at your hotels before heading out to venture on your own, or if you prefer, you can also join an optional excursion to Svaneke, Gudhjem and Østerlars. The tour will depart at 10:00. 

Svaneke was awarded the title of Denmark's most beautiful town in 2013, you will understand why when you visit. Gudhjem is the only town upon a hill in Denmark, we suggest you try the local dish "Sol over Gudhjem" while you're here. Our last stop will be at one of Bornholm's well-known round churches called Østerlars, the largest on the island. 

We should be back at the hotel by the early evening, just in time to relax a bit before dinner-time. 

Meals: breakfast and dinner (for Griffen and Skovly guests)

11 Sept 2021Race Day and Celebration Dinner

Today is the big day! You will enjoy an early breakfast at your hotel before we take the bus to the start. If you are doing the marathon, then you should be on the bus in time for the 6:45 departure to the start line. The marathon will start at 8:00 from Gudhjem. 

For those doing the half-marathon, the bus will depart at 8:00 in time for the half-marathon start at 9:00. 

You will get the chance to run along the northern coast of Bornholm through forests, beaches and cliffs overlooking the Baltic Sea. 

After the challenging race you took part in, you will have some time to wind down and recover, before heading off to the celebration dinner. After all, you deserve to celebrate your achievement with a festive dinner. The bus to the dinner will depart at 18:45, and dinner will be served at 19:00.

Meals: breakfast (Skovly and Griffen), lunch, dinner

12 Sept 2021Goodbye Bornholm

Sadly, it is time to say farewell to Bornholm.

After an early breakfast, we will board the bus that will drive us back to Copenhagen. Guests are responsible for their own flights home from Copenhagen.

Meals: Breakfast (Skovly and Griffen)


Running Copenhagen

7 Sep | 1.5 hours | 40 EUR

We've arranged a specially-crafted running tour for Marathon on the Rocks participants that you can book if you would like some sightseeing in Copenhagen and to stretch your legs before heading off to Bornholm. The relatively short distances, the fantastic sights, and the vibe of the city makes it perfect for sightseeing while running. The tour departs at 17:00 from Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square). From the statue of world famous storyteller H.C. Andersen, we will head towards the main sights in Copenhagen including the Parliament, the Queen’s castle and the Little Mermaid.

The route has been planned with the beautiful scenery of Copenhagen in mind and we will be running along the canals and the harbour as well as through some of Copenhagen’s many parks. We keep our tours very informal and run only in smaller groups, so there is plenty of time to ask questions about the sights, places, or people that we pass, or any other questions that you may have during the tour. The pace will be adjusted according to overall level of the participants, but you should expect between 5-6 minutes per kilometer. 


Kronborg & Frederiksborg Castle

8 Sep | 7 hours | 90 EUR

Those of you who would like to learn more about the history of Denmark will visit two of the most reputable castles not only in Denmark, but in all of Scandinavia. After an early breakfast at your hotel, you will get on a bus towards Kronborg in Helsingør it will depart at 9:30 so please be sure to be ready by then.

Our first stop will be Kronborg Castle. Kronborg Castle has been around since the 1420s and is one of the finest Renaissance castles in Northern Europe. Kronborg was immortalized by Shakespeare’s play Hamlet and is often referred to as Hamlet’s Castle. The castle’s strategic position at the entrance to Øresund meant the king was able to keep track of all ships passing into the Baltic Sea. For 400 years, the castle was the headquarter for the collection of the Øresund dues.

Underneath the castle, you will find the casemates - damp passages used for protection during times of war. These underground passages had room for soldiers and their horses, and had provision to feed 350 men for up to 6 weeks. Another treasure lying under the castle is Holger Danske, an impressive stone statue. Holger Danske is a mythical hero in Danish culture, according to the legend, he has been sleeping for hundreds of years and will only wake up to defend Denmark if she is ever under attack. 

Please note that lunch is not included in the excursion, but you will have time to buy lunch at some point during the tour.  

For our second stop, we will head towards Hillerød. Here, in Castle Lake, we will find Frederiksborg Castle sitting on three islets surrounded by a lake and spectacular Baroque gardens. The castle was built in the early 17th century by King Christian IV, it is the largest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. The aim of the castle was to enhance Christian IV's status as a powerful European monarch. After a big fire broke out in 1859, the castle was rebuilt by J.C. Jacobsen, founder of Carlsberg. Since 1878, the castle has housed the Museum of National History. The museum presents 500 years of Danish history illustrated through portraits, paintings, furniture, sculptures and decorative arts. 

After our busy day learning all about Danish history and culture, we will head back to Copenhagen where you will have the evening to relax before we depart for Bornholm the next morning. 

  • About the Tour

    Duration: 7 hours

    Time: 9:30


    - Bus to/from Copenhagen to the castles
    - Local guide
    - Entrance to Frederiksborg and Kronborg Castle


Svaneke, Gudhjem & Østerlars

10 Sep | 6 hours | 40 EUR

Today you will get the chance to discover some of the most noteworthy places on the island, including a smoke house and the harbour in Gudhjem and Svaneke and the infamous round church of Østerlars.

Gudhjem is one of the most popular summer spots on the island. A typical dish from Bornholm, called “Sol over Gudhjem,” is originally from this town. As any proper Danish dish, it of course has herring in it.  This charming village lined with colourful homes along the Baltic Sea, is definitely worth the visit. 

Next, we will move onto Svaneke is a small fishing village on the eastern coast of Bornholm. It is filled with small, half-timbered houses and winding lanes leading to the harbour. You will have time to buy lunch at a local smoke house or take a beer at Svaneke Bryghus (a well-known local microbrewery). Keep in mind that Bornholm has a flourishing culinary scene so we highly recommend you enjoy the local specialties.

Our final stop is the Østerlars round church, the largest of all four round churches on the island. It was built sometime in the early 12th century, and considering it's age, the church has been very well preserved. The church was used both as a place of worship and for protection against invaders. 

During the whole tour, we will have a guide who will show us the highlights at each stop and talk about the island's history. You are more than welcome to follow the guide, or simply walk on your own and discover the towns for yourself. 

We should be back at the hotel by the early evening, just in time to relax a bit before dinner-time. 

  • About the Tour

    Duration: 6 hours

    Time: 10:00


    - Bus to/from Gudhjem and Østerlars
    - Local guide


Hammershus & Sanctuary Cliffs

9 Sep | 4 hours | 30 EUR

Once we have arrived to the island by bus from Copenhagen, you will have time to drop off your belongings at your hotel and grab a quick lunch. The tour to Hammershus and Sanctuary Cliffs will start at 15:00. 

Bornholm is best known for its history as a Viking stronghold, due to its strategic positioning. During our visit to Hammershus, the largest medieval ruins in Norther Europe, our tour guide will talk about the history of the fortress and the struggles between Denmark, Sweden and even Germany during World War II. You will have plenty of time to visit the ruins and walk around to enjoy the spectacular views over the island.

Once we have finished visiting Hammershus, we will move on to our second stop of the day. The Sanctuary Cliffs (or Helligdomsklipperne in Danish) sit along the coastal cliffs between Gudhjem and Tejn, and they are considered to be one of the most important landmarks not only of Bornholm, but in the whole of Denmark. You will have the chance to walk into the up to 60 meter deep caves as well as see the special cave spiders. 

We will head back to the hotels in time for dinner (which is included if you are staying at Skovly or Griffen).

  • About the Tour

    Duration: 4 hours

    Departures: 15:00 


    - Bus to/from Hammershus and Sanctuary Cliffs
    - Local guide



Price information


All prices are per person in EUR.

Shared double room: 825 EUR
Single room supplement: + 360 EUR

Shared double room: 925 EUR
Single room supplement: + 450 EUR

Storløkke - Closed for registration
Shared double room: 725 EUR
Single room supplement: + 375 EUR


  • 2 nights accommodation at Tivoli Hotel
  • 3 nights accomodation at Hotel Skovly/Griffen/Storløkke (inlcuding breakfast at Skovly and Griffen)
  • Bus to/from Rønne 
  • Transportation to start area in Gudhjem
  • Celebration dinner on Saturday


  • Transfer to/from Copenhagen
  • Race entry
  • Optional excursions
  • Travel and health insurance 
  • Meals not stated in the itinerary 
  • Beverages
  • Personal expenses
  • Anything not mentioned under 'Inclusions'

Race Entry

Marathon or Half-Marathon:

  • 80 EUR:


Race entry includes: 

  • English-speaking race officials
  • English-speaking medical team from Denmark
  • Timing and results
  • Medal
  • Craft Runners T-shirt
  • Manned water and energy drink stations along the route 
  • Collapsible cup for hydration 
  • BBQ snacks and one beer or soft drink at the finish line

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